Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are several benefits to Search Engine Optimization. SEO’s primary goal is producing organic search engine traffic that turns into sales and leads, thus, enhancing the business. Two of its most valuable benefits are boosting brand reach and enhancing brand image. Though exact figures are not known, Google apparently handles more than 3 billion searches a day and a trillion searches a year. SEO brings prominent organic visibility to brands on Google and exposes a brand to a multitude of users who are looking for the products and services a company sells but might not know about the brand.

As an award-winning digital marketing service provider based out of Mississauga, Canada, we have been providing specialized and custom digital marketing services to local, enterprise, e-commerce and multinational businesses. As a content driven company Mass Advertising is constantly creating fresh content. From video ads to sponsored articles all angles are covered. Content is king and it is the most important factor in SEO.

  • Drive organic traffic to your website
  • Rank on Google Page 1 and get more traffic
  • Raise your brand awareness and brand value
  • Most cost-effective service and lasting results
  • Organic search engine traffic that generates revenue
  • Attract visitors to your website 24/7

Why You should partner with Mass Advertising?

We have almost 2 decades of Search Engine Optimization knowledge & expertise. A stellar reputation for delivering results for our clients, and we are invested in and care about the success of your business & our relationship with you.

Increase your business’ Search Engine presence and grow with:

  • Understanding of Google’s Search Algorithm
  • Technical SEO
  • All Search Elements
  • We know Local Search (Google My Business)
  • SEO Audits
  • Content Optimization & Development
  • UX (User Experience)
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Search engine optimization services in Toronto that delivers results

In addition to delivering quality & highly relevant traffic to your website, our work is trackable, sustainable and measurable. Through the use of Google’s Analytics Platform, Search Console, and Google My Business (Local SEM in the GTA), LGO will track a variety of metrics and KPI’s which we share with our clients. Below are just some of the metrics that we track and include in our detailed monthly reporting:

  • Local & Organic Ranking Positions on Google
  • Website Visits (Sessions)
  • Conversions (form submissions, phone tracking, live chat, etc.)
  • Demographics
  • Search Location
  • Search Device (e.g. mobile, desktop, laptop)
  • Content Performance
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Mass Advertising has helped dozen of advertisers improve their organic search ranking on Google & Bing. This expertise combined with years of data has allowed Mass Advertising to create the blueprint for success in SEO.

We will take the time to understand your industry and use our proven system to help you get found on Search Engines and Maps